vaellendariel fern
vaellendariel fern Age: 29
Location: Canada

Hey everyone it’s Val;
I’m a curvy, plus size (BBW) alternative gal with hair color that’s always changing.

We’re here for the sexy “girlfriend” experience. Sexy snaps a-plenty.

I like posting dance videos/ strip tease/ selfies / boobs/ butt etc. You’ll have to subscribe for the full effect. I’ll even include old sexy photos.

DM me for details regarding personal requests. I love fulfilling fantasy! (tips required)

$10 tip = 2 snaps sent just for you (not posted to story & taken specifically for you)
$20 tip= 2 snaps via personal request (you can request how you want me to pose etc) (doesn’t include toys)
$30 tip= 30 second strip tease snap just for you via direct snap (not posted to my story)

Absolutely no screen recording software/ no screenshots/ no distribution of any kind.
No saving personal photos in chat.
No uploading or sharing of content.
Disregard for these rules will result in blocking.
Custom content remains my permission and not to be distributed.
Please respect this and come along for the ride 💕

Can you send me pictures?
(Unless it’s of your pets I’d appreciate $25 tips for lewd snaps directly from you; IE dick pics)

See you soon 🌿

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