Heavanie Matthew
Heavanie Matthew Age: 20
Location: UK

Hey guys! This new account is for everyone who has been asking for me to get a premium snap!

What's included in yoursubscription:
- Snaps every day ( casual pics, selfies and everything from my life ).
- Naughty and sexy pics, videos.
- You can send me snaps too!

Be polite, no screenshots and don't forget that I'm not just a piece of meat 😜

*** Do You Show Everything Uncensored? ***
A) My Snap Is Extremely NSFW! I Show Everything Without Any Censors.
*** Do You Reply To Messages? ***
A) Yes I Love Chatting & Getting To Know You.
*** How Often Do You Post? ***
A) I Post Every Day, Including Weekends.
*** Can We Make Requests? ***
A) You Can Let Me Know What You’d Like To See/See More Of & I Always Take Note :-)


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Follow these 3 simple steps to be on my Snapchat Premium

Purchase My Premium

Login to your customer account and click PURCHASE button in my bio on this page

Check your email

Once the purchase has been made you will receive an email with my Premium Snapchat ID. Add this to your Snapchat Friend list and I will add you back.

Relax and enjoy!

Now you're on my Premium Account, you'll enjoy my most private and intimate moments. You can DM me, send me Snaps, and we will have a lot of fun.