Jennifer Ann
Jennifer Ann Age: 25
Location: UK

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✅ strip tease
✅shower snaps
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✅fetish.. feet, stockings, dress up etc
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A real chance to get to know me and see what I get up to day to day

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*** Do you snap every day?

Yes, my aim is to snap every single day. My main time I like to upload is in the morning when I’ve just woken up thats when I feel most sexy ha. Is that weird?

*** What can I expect of your snaps? ***

A lot of sexy nudes. Alot of people ask do get fully naked on my Snapchat? Yes I do! Whilst I don’t go to the level of using toys etc fully erotic, I like to tease whilst showing myself fully naked but I like to keep the suspense growing, keep you wanting more!
I’ve got many people who have been subscribed for longer than a year

*** Can I write you back or send you pictures on Snap? ***

Yes definitely!

*** Is there nudity in your Snaps? ***

So much 😉

*** Can I snap you dick pics? ***

I do have a big growing collection haha.. whatever makes you happy.

*** Can I screenshot your snaps***
Yes but no uploads elsewhere.
Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this sites profile author/and or owner is strictly prohibited. All pictures posted are copyrighted and I do not give permission for them to be distributed anywhere.

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